Stump Measuring and Pricing

Small Stumps 0-10 inches $80.00 each.
Medium Stumps 10-15 inches $95.00 each.
Large Stumps 15-20 Inches $135.00 each.
XL Stumps 20-25 Inches $195.00 each.
XXL Stumps 25-30 Inches $275 each.
XXXL Stumps 30-35 Inches $375 each.
XXXXL Stumps 35″ and up Call for Pricing.

Please measure the stump at the largest diameter including any above grade roots that you would like us to grind. All stumps and above grade roots will be ground down to a minimum of 6 inches below grade.

Stump Grinding prices include completely removing stump and above grade roots to a minimum of 6 inches below grade. The hole will be back filled with wood chips and dirt to grade, additional wood chips will be removed off site.


Chip Clean-up and Removal: We’ll rake, clean and remove all chips offsite for you. All of our teams carry back pack blowers and will leave your property in great condition.

Loam, Seed & Starter Fertilizer: Stumpzgone now offers our loam, seed and starter fertilizer option gives you a finished product.  We remove the wood chips, and fill the hole with high quality screened loam which will be put into the hole, compact the soil and leveled to grade. We’ll finish the project with seed and fertilizer mixed into a hydro-seed topcoat that we’ll water in. If you water the area well for 3 weeks you’ll be one more of our customers that understand our slogan. Stumpzgone, now it’s all lawn! Please ask for pricing on this new service.